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What’s VeganVideos.org?

Welcome to VeganVideos, a curated catalog of thousands of videos posted on YouTube that promotes the various benefits of a vegan lifestyle. It is designed to serve both the newbie inquirer, as well as the seasoned vegan researcher, teacher, writer, or advocate.

The proprietary programming that runs VeganVideos allows you to tailor your search by subject, format, function, length, shock value, and resolution. The search function searches both the titles and descriptions of each video, so it may bring up several videos pertinent to the search term. The convenient thumbnails on the home page allow a visual subject search of our top ten favorites.

The best part of the screening process is that, once you have narrowed down your search to a handful of videos, it’s much easier to preview them quickly on our website than finding and opening each on YouTube. However, since our own catalog is still growing, if you’re looking for a specific video, you may be better off going to YouTube directly.

VeganVideos currently catalogs several thousand YouTube videos, with more videos being added each week. If you find that we have missed your favorite video, please let us know at [email protected].

Finally, a number of outstanding vegan video producers have generated so many videos, that we could only accommodate a sample selection here. Instead, we invite you to visit Bite Size Vegan for videos on a number of vegan topics and NutritionFacts.org for videos on vegan health and nutrition.

VeganVideos is a project of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), which has been working to end the use of animals for food since 1976. For additional information on our aims, accomplishments, and other current projects please visit, farmusa.org.

FARM offers this catalog as a public service to facilitate the search for suitable vegan videos and disclaims any responsibility and liability for the accuracy, implications, or impact of any information conveyed in any of the videos linked here.