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Why History’s Greatest Minds Didn’t Eat Meat (Live Kindly)
Plant-based diets have been around for ages--literally. In ancient Greece, philosophers questioned the morality of eating meat. In the age of enlightenment, Leonardo Da Vinci introduced the concept of speciesism--the false assumption that humans are superior to animals. Famed inventor Benjamin Franklin gave up meat in his youth, while others like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton gave it up later in life. Nikola Tesla spoke out against animal cruelty and rarely ate meat. Social justice reformers also abstained from eating meat. Rosa Parks and Mohandas Gandhi were long-time vegetarians. Susan B. Anthony supported the 19th century animal rights movement and the first American Vegetarian Society. (Not all these figures became vegans or even vegetarians.)
The Joy of Pigs (Real Wild Documentary)
There are little pink pigs, ferocious hairy tuskers, and all manner of pigs in-between. There are pigs in steamy rainforests, dry savannas, and snowy woodlands. From humble beginnings in the jungles of Asia, pigs have become one of the most successful mammals on earth. This 2018 film travels the globe to celebrate their fascinating lives. Also noted: humans from Muslim, Hindu, and Jewish religions who do not eat pigs, yet by weight they are still the most eaten animal in the world (some 1 billion per year), and also some are now used for "medical" transplantation purposes. Yet they exude intelligence superior to that of most dogs.
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